Use case: Planning and constructing new buildings based on data

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Target group: investors, property developer

Keywords: construction based on data, competitive edge

This use case focuses on the construction of new buildings.

A property developer has identified a need and wants to utilize data more effectively in the construction of new buildings. The property developer can utilize various service providers’ data sources to gather data on the potential residents in the area, create profiles of current residents, and map the existing and planned services in the area. Normally, several operators manage this data.

The data is harmonized using a compatible categorization system, and the data provided by companies is converted into a compatible format before being transferred into the selected system. In this use case, the property developer has selected their own system where the harmonized data should be exported to. The use case can later be enriched using other operators’ data.

The benefits of this use case are the increase in construction based on actual needs and tangible results in the form of faster property transactions, thanks to new buildings that meet the actual needs of the target group. Using data in the decision-making processes gives a significant competitive edge to the property developer.

Platform of Trust enables harmonizing and authorizing data. It makes the data flow, which lowers costs and speeds up integrations significantly. A use case is an example of what is possible to do with the platform.

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