Case examples of ways our customers have used the platform and for what it can be used.
Kuvapankkikuva achievement

Combining data from multiple systems – Case Kojamo

Expectations for housing services are increasing though development is hindered by the fragmentation and incompatibility of data. With digitalization, citizens can be offered more services to ease everyday life.
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More efficient facility usage with the help of data - Case Tampereen Tilapalvelut

The population of Tampere is growing fast. Therefore, it is important to use premises and facilities effectively and to ensure that they have excellent conditions and high energy efficiency.
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Up-to-date conditions management with the help of data - Case Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner of the Finnish civil service and a facility expert that owns over 9,000 buildings. Senate Properties wants its premises to support work, new approaches to working, enable the effective use of space, and reduce the buildings’ environmental impact.
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Building daylight

Enhancing residential services using data - Case Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

In 2030, around 1.5 million people in Finland will be over 65 years old. They will need safe and functional housing conditions, which puts pressure on renewing the current housing stock.
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Cash flow and help with product development within the partner program — Polku Innovations

Polku Innovations has gained new customers, tens of thousands of euros of cashflow, as well as assistance and new perspectives from our partner program.
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Use case: Digital twin enables business intelligence

Target group: property developer, investor, buyer
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Use case: Business intelligence saves money for property owners

Target group: property owners, financing companies that own properties
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