Platform of Trust

Platform of Trust harmonizes incompatible data coming from various sources, enabling it to be merged and utilized. Our platform reduces the need for integration significantly which does not only save time and money but reduces time-to-market span for services built on our platform. The harmonized data can be used to create smarter services and more comprehensive analyses that lead to better decision-making and new business opportunities. We have built-in trust capabilities and We don’t collect the data. Customer decides where the data is stored, who can use it, and for what purpose.
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  • Platform of Trust Oy
  • Founded July 1st, 2019
  • Subsidiary to Vastuu Group
  • Funded by public and private investors
    (10M€, Nov 2018)
  • Offices in Tampere and Espoo, Finland

What makes us unique


We use universal standards and technologies.

No vendor-locks or long-term commitment.

You own your data and decide how it’s used and where it’s stored.


You can trust data quality.

You can trust data providers.

You can trust the continuity of access to data.


Platform, data models, developer portal and self-service tools.

Upcoming marketplace enables your data business.


We offer top self-service tools and guides with flow state experience.

We enable developers to be business creative by taking away development pain.

Who can benefit from our solutions?


Any city that wants to offer better services to its citizens and aims to be a Smart City.


Any business that wants to gain competitive edge with data and uses data for business development.


Developers that long for faster time-to-market and high-quality developer experience tools.

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