We harmonize all kinds of odd data

Use compatible data from any environment in any application or user interface.

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How it works:

Connect your
data sources
Choose how and by whom
you want your data to be used
Use harmonized data to create,
manage, develop and grow!

Trusted by the best:

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Finnish governmental work environments
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What makes us unique


We use universal standards and technologies.

No vendor-lock or long-term commitment.

You rule your data and decide where it is stored and how it is used.

Built-in trust

You can trust data quality.

You can trust data providers and users.

You can trust the continuity of access to data.

Comprehensive solution

Data linking and harmonizing platform, ready made solutions provided with our partners, developer portal and tools, and data Market Place.

Developer eXperience

Self service tools and up to date guides offer flow state experience.

We take away the developer pains so that you can focus on being business creative.

Who can benefit from our solutions?

Smart Cities

Any city that aims to offer human-centric services and optimize the use of data in developing city functions and services.

Future oriented companies

Any business that wants to gain competitive edge and make smarter decisions by utilizing compatible data.

No-nonsense developers

Developers that long for faster time-to-market and high quality developer tools.

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