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AskKauko - Visual and interactive Impact Record

Sustainable impact is something a lot of companies measure and also look into ways how to best share this information. AskKauko is Helsinki based software startup that takes impact communications a step further.

AskKauko helps companies send a clear and understandable message about the effects of their work. Clearly communicated impact improves employee commitment, adds value for customers and makes the company more appealing in the eyes of investors.

AskKauko’s responsive Impact Report web application enriches the company’s own data with available open data. It makes impact reporting easy to understand with visual and interactive storytelling.

Cooperation with Platform of Trust helps us serve our customers even better. The data Platform of Trust harmonizes can be used to enrich the scenario simulations of the Impact Reports”, says Co-founder Klaus Matilainen from AskKauko.

In addition to joint offering Platform of Trust is an important partner in our platform development project.