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Our platform enables data usage. Our partners take it a step forward.
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eGate is about wireless, real-time and transparent measuring of indoor conditions. The cooperation between eGate and Platform of Trust means that the massive amount of building and indoor condition data (over 50 million rows) can be accessed through the platform in a harmonized format. Click to read more.

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HAMK Smart Research Unit supports the industry, construction, and public organizations in their digitalization and service development needs. The goal is to be the most beneficial university by doing practical development in co-operation with Platform of Trust and private and public organizations.


Locia CapaCity is a dynamic tool for service network planning that integrates information on the location and functionality of service points, people, and buildings. Click to read more.

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Knowledge management is a hot topic, and now services are starting to emerge that make it easy to exploit data quickly. The collaboration between Platform of Trust and Sport Venue is a step towards more efficient processes and improved services for end-users. Click to read more.

Sport Venue (Know ur biz)

KNX makes it possible to combine more than 470 build automation manufacturers’ products into a comprehensive, easy-to-use system. It can help you to optimize the remote control, energy efficiency, user comfort and customisability of buildings. Click to read more.

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Sustainable impact is something a lot of companies measure and also look into ways how to best share this information. AskKauko is Helsinki based software startup that takes impact communications a step further. Click to read more.


Data will help developing software and hardware that improves also the next generations’ quality of life. Click to read more.


Sub Zero Digital Consulting helps businesses with their digital strategy, making the most out of digital tools is sales, marketing, and the modern workplace.


The digital real estate asset strategy is based on data-driven performance and personalization of buildings. Data gives new business opportunities with e.g. real-time simulation and analysis.


Kotopro wanted to partner with Platform of Trust as they want to steer development towards platform-based thinking and offer that kind of possibilities to their users and clients as well.


Construction projects and Building Information Modeling (BIM) can make use of new tools and innovation. Smart data enables a completely new kind of information management. Click to read more.


Data is essential in optimizing energy efficiency investments. As Platform of Trust's partner Eneron has the same goal to help companies turn data into a competitive advantage and disrupting the market.

Partner types
Business partner
Let's join forces and offer our customers new services and business concepts. Together we can offer comprehensive solutions that enable future readiness and growth through data.

We are looking for partners doing, for example, consultancy, visualization, analyzation and marketing.
Technology & Developer Partner
Let's join forces and offer the fastest and easiest access to data on the market. Together we will create an automatic data-based ecosystem that can offer full potential for it's members.

We are looking for parners doing, for example, technical solutions, applications and system integrations through translators.
Research partner
With data it's possible to create sustainable future. This is done through research and innovative solutions in data economy.

We are looking to partner with universities and other research institutions.
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Let's plan joint ventures and turn them into actions
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