Write in our blog!

Do you have something on your mind about utilizing data? Write about it in our blog and we will distribute it to our ecosystem.


  • Blogging is practically stating your opinion. Please, avoid describing your product or business and instead boldly claim something. Put the claim in title!
  • Blog posts are usually quite fast to read, so, the length doesn't have to be too long. The length of A4 strip is more than enough.
  • Write like you were writing to a friend. Let your personal voice be heard - however, remember to use common language, especially when dealing with difficult terms, so that a stranger to the topic can understand it.
  • Lists (bullets) make the text easier to read.
  • Do you have a particular image in mind that fits the text, or would the diagram help the reader understand it? We can embed a related video posted on Youtube in the blog post. You can add the link to the form.