Data products

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Here are the currently supported data products and data source system integrations in our platform. The data from these measurements is available in a harmonized format and ready to be used immediately for companies that are using data sources listed below.

List updated: June 28th, 2021 (the recently added data products and systems appear last on the lists)

Supported data products (measurements)

  • Humidity
  • Temperature (indoor, current and history values)
  • CO2 (current and history values)
  • Presence / Occupancy / Space efficiency
  • Energy consumption
  • Relative humidity
  • Absolute humidity
  • Service request
  • Noise
  • Amount of light
  • User feedback
  • Platform of Trust standard digital twin
  • Indoor positioning
  • Selected CRM information (Hubspot)
  • Agreement list (SignSpace)
  • Weather of the day in a given city
  • Weather forecast for 5-10 days in a given city
  • Estimated electricity price today/Estimated electricity price tomorrow
  • Water consumption
  • Heat consumption
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)
  • Nysse bus locations (City of Tampere public transportation real-time bus locations)
  • Arriving and departing trains in Finland
  • Bus and tram locations (City of Helsinki public transportation real-time bus and tram locations)
  • Asset usage information (start/end time, user, location) (Trackinno)
  • Maintenance information (Trackinno)
  • Room occupancy
  • Geographic information ("Feature" with spatial query)
  • Real Estate Sites (Building registery)
  • Traffic emission data
  • HVAC product codes
  • Luotettava Kumppani report
  • Arrival flights info in given airport, departure information in given airport, security queue situation information from given airport
  • Vessel arrival/departure details in all Finnish harbours

Integrated data source systems

  • Schneider EcoStruxure™ Platform
  • Schneider EcoStruxure™ eValvomo
  • Siemens Navigator
  • Siemens MindSphere
  • Leanheat
  • Polku Innovations BIM Server *
  • Cozify Hub *
  • Granlund Manager *
  • Fidelix Cloud Interface
  • Wapice IoT Ticket
  • Thingsee IoT Platform
  • Nuuka Solutions Platform
  • Hubspot
  • SignSpace - Digital signing
  • Talotohtori
  • Sähkönumerot
  • AccuWeather
  • Fingrid
  • Enerkey
  • Nysse GTFS RT public API (City of Tampere)
  • Digitraffic Live Trains API (Finland)
  • Digitransit
  • Mipro Vivo (Trackinno)
  • AssemblinDeos
  • Office 365
  • OGC API Features Connector
  • Bacuum
  • Trend controls IQVision
  • FreesiCloud (Iisy)
  • AssemblinDeos
  • Betset ERP
  • CALS (Carinafour)
  • Congrid
  • SmartWatcher
  • Vastuu Group Raporttinoutaja
  • Finavia Flights API
  • Finavia Queues API
  • Digitraffic/Fintraffic

    *The connector is maintained by the providing company. Other connectors maintained by Platform of Trust.

If you want to dig deeper into our data products you can do that in our Ontology Tool:
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If there is a measurement or a system you would like to see on the list, please, fill in the form on the bottom of the page. Our partner network is happy to assist if you have a system you’d like to have integrated into our platform.

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