Zoan is a pioneer of virtual and augmented reality. The collaboration between Zoan and Platform of Trust serves clients and partners in visualization and modeling of data.

About the company

Zoan is a full stack VR studio that creates high-quality virtual reality experiences and real-time 3D Models. Our solutions are based on a technological innovation, such as the unique 3D modeling platform for real estate. Zoan Digital Building is a service based on realtime 3D model and it can be used in various purposes from architecture and planning to marketing. It works as a visual communication tool for virtual design and construction professionals and enables them to communicate effectively throughout the project.

Why are we partners?

We serve Platform of Trust’s clients and partners in visualization and modeling of data and different issues and providing augmented reality applications (vr, ar) for different needs. On the other hand, we can recommend Platform of Trust to our clients who need reliable partner for data processing and harmonization.