About the company

Winniio is a top tier consultancy firm that helps companies excel in a Smart City context.

We help decision-makers understand their company's role in a Smart City ecosystem. Instead of hiring 5 consultants for a month, choose us for a day and we'll help companies get started, get going and succeed with strategic digital transformations.

We've done the research so that our customers don't have to.

With globally recognized expert knowledge we help decision-makers create value in these areas and industries:

  • IoT, Wireless, Data Strategies in general
  • Edge, Cloud, Hardware, Software, Integration aspects
  • Energy efficiency, Lifecycle Maintenance, Productivity, and Well-being strategies
  • Next-Generation Building Automation
  • Data harmonization aspects
  • AI-readiness for Industry 4.0, Construction, and Real Estate
  • Digital Twin strategies, Blockchain adoption and Smart City resiliency
  • Smart Grid/Smart Building inclusivity

Why are we partners?

The partnership provides faster time to value creation for everyone involved = A better world for everyone, faster, together.

Our Services:

Business partner
Business partner