Watts-ON Consultants

We know there are many cost saving opportunities hidden in your BMS and utility consumption data that can be achieved at no cost. Through Watts-ON our MM&T system, its artificial intelligence and the support of our consultants, we can make your company reduce its running cost and become more sustainable. We are ready to help setting up your energy and water reduction programme, support your sustainability agenda and make your business more profitable.

Sharing data coming from other similar business is critical to improve the quality of bench-marking and quantify the effectiveness of energy efficiency programmes. Data is also a valuable asset to learn about how buildings/factories operate in real life and rationalise their use of resources.

Watts-ON Consultants is a privately-owned water and energy consultancy company founded in 2017 by Davide Bertelli (CEng), Dr. Cedric Rodrigues (CEng, PhD) and Giovanni Lupaldi (CEng, CEnv, CEM and ESOS LA). We are now a bigger team with Andras Szollar bringing in sustainability expertise. We are a group of enthusiastic consultants, chartered engineers and software developers who have combined their global professional knowledge to help high energy and water users to reduce their utility consumption and running costs.


Our Services:

Data analyzes and research
Data visualization and reporting
Application development
Integration service
AI and machine learning
Project management
Sensors and hardware
Business partner
Business partner
Technical partner
Technical partner
Research and Development partner
Research partner