Ubigu Ltd

About the company

Ubigu Ltd is a Tampere, Finland -based consulting company, backed by decades of in-depth experience in geoinformatics, land use and strategic urban planning as well as generally in developing digital solutions for smart cities. Ubigu takes a enterprise architecture approach to developing processes, systems, data warehouses and data flows comprehensively. For their customers in different sectors, Ubigu's toolbox has offered different solutions ranging from web service and geospatial data infrastructure development to cartographic ETL processing, holistic digital transformation of processes, and to advanced planning and data analytics.

Why are we partners?

Our operations are heavily based on data and its flows, availability and utilization, for instance in enhancing customer processes, digitization and analytics. Insufficient, unharmonized or non-existent data flows are a typical problem in our everyday work. Here Platform of Trust's platform ecosystem approach provides great potential in improving performance, enabling digital transformations and scaling up different types of solutions.

Our Services:

Data system
Data analyzes and research
Data visualization and reporting
Business partner
Business partner