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Knowledge management, or making data-based business decisions, is a hot topic, and now services are starting to emerge that make it easy to exploit data quickly. The collaboration between Platform of Trust and Sport Venue is a step towards more efficient processes and improved services for end users.

Platform of Trust is a platform that harmonizes data from a range of sources into a format that can be used by many operators. Data source validation and the use of automated authorization and agreement tools will ensure data reliability. The development of the platform was begun to address the needs of the construction and property sectors. While the majority of the data on the platform in its initial phase is related to these sectors, in the future, the platform will be available for the needs of any sector.

Sport Venue Oy has developed a solution called KnowUr.Biz® that gathers data from a range of sources. The data sources fall into three categories: business data, sensor data (such as energy consumption data), and external data (such as the weather, bus timetables, etc.). The data will be integrated according to the customer’s needs. KnowUr.Biz® provides current information and creates forecasts that you can use for bringing your business from reactive to proactive mode.

The solution will be able to forecast the number of visitors to a swimming pool on a given day, based on such historical data as the number of customers and the weather, with 90% probability. Sport Venue’s existing swimming pool customer has increased its annual visitor numbers by 20% without hiring more staff. It has used data to offer their products and services to ideal target groups and to plan shifts according to visitor numbers. Based on the information obtained, the customer decided to extend its opening hours, thus improving the customer experience. The same analysis method can be used to analyse many urban functions.

The more data you have, the easier it is to manage operations. Platform of Trust makes compatible data available, and Sport Venue’s KnowUr.Biz® solution analyses the data, compiling it in an accessible format. As a result, it will be as quick and easy as possible to use it when supporting and developing business operations.

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