Smart ITWorks LLC

ITWorks offers IT solutions and Outsourcing services related to e-commerce, web development, software development, mobile applications, as well as IT consultancy and support.

ITWorks is mainly focused on B2B market. Since its foundation, the company has managed to get many stable partners and most of them are based abroad. We deliver our services to clients from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova.

Our team consists of professionals in various fields with experience in the development and launch of on-line stores and unique software, as well as professional consultants and business-analysts.

Our business idea was to create a team of senior experts in their technology stacks. And we have achieved this goal. Our seniors are the best of the best in the following technologies:

1) Frontend: React, Angular, Vue.

2) Backend: .Net (ASP.Net), PHP, Nodejs, Java, Python, Blockchain.

3) Database: MS-SQL, MongoDB.

4) Mobile: React Native, Ionic, Flutter.

In 2017 ITWorks has undergone a lengthy and thorough testing and validation process by Silicon Valley specialists and has launched several projects for the Silicon Valley companies. Being rated with such a significant indicator of quality, as trust of the IT gurus, ITWorks is now ready to meet the challenges of the most complicated projects.

At the beginning of 2020 ITWorks has started working at the project under the auspices of the World Bank: Consulting services for the design, development, configuration and deployment of the new version of the Public Service Portal.

1) We speak the same business language as the Customer. Members of our board of directors have extensive managerial and Entrepreneurial experience from various fields. We know what business truly needs and we know how to satisfy this need.

2) We quickly learn the ins and outs of the project. Having 10+ years of experience and more than 150 completed projects we have gathered the necessary mass of knowledge to deal with projects of any level of complexity, moreover, we never stop making a strong emphasis on team members’ professional and personal development.

3) We deeply understand how to work in internationally distributed teams. We believe that the specialist's location is not as important as his expertise. Due to this fact, we have organized offices in four different countries and successfully manage to build the best possible team for each project, using time-tested tools intended for the organization, planning, and control of the workflow.

4) We go beyond standard development frameworks and can develop custom ones. Standard development frameworks might be a good decision, but very often our Client needs something specific due to his business processes and we have wide experience in developing totally custom projects.

5) We adjust our approach to the Customers’ needs. For example we had projects on the greatly respected Cobol, because our client needed this, as well as we use cutting-edge technologies following global trends.

6) Developers with the average experience of 7-8 years on complex software projects. This makes each of our teams strong and independent, as well as result-oriented.

7) We guarantee the quality, as well as timely project delivery. ITWorks has introduced the contemporary project management standards: Prince2 + Agile. We also practice something that we consider to be a unique thing in IT business: we arrange the insurance for our projects, eliminating various types of risks that might appear during the delivery.

Our Services:

Data visualization and reporting
Integration service
Business partner
Business partner
Technical partner
Technical partner