Riot Innovations

About the company

Riot Innovations helps customers and partners to understand and reduce their electricity consumption and its environmental impacts with their smart modular outlet system.

Electricity is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, yet it is seen and used as a commodity with no understanding of its environmental impacts.

By combining Finnish design, smart technology, and a planet centric approach, Riot Innovations has created a completely new smart modular outlet system. It measures the consumption of individual devices, detects wasted electricity automatically, and enables remote controlling of electrical devices to help customers reach optimal energy efficiency.

Why are we partners?

Our technology is developed in a way that it can be utilized in many different use cases and environments by a variety of users. Partnership with the Platform of Trust ensures that the data that is essential in reaching energy efficiency will be in an easy-to-use format for different circumstances.

Our Services:

Data system
Sensors and hardware
Business partner
Business partner