Polku Innovations

About us

Polku Innovations is a recognized technology company specialized in built environment digitalization and IoT. We help other companies build scalable and complex IoT and Cloud solutions. We are a developer partner of Platform of Trust since its early days taking an active part in its development ecosystem.

We operate a service for creating digital twins to Platform of Trust in a “turn-key” manner. Created digital twins enable versatile data flow between buildings, predictive facility management, building owners, users and other relevant stakeholders. More details of the service can be found here >>

We also develop a scalable building digital twin 3D visualization platform, Twinly, that utilizes our proprietary deep technology and the power of IFC standard. Twinly aggregates building data from different data sources into a single easy-to-use and mobile-first UI.

Our Services:

Data system
Data analyzes and research
Data visualization and reporting
Integration service
Business partner
Business partner