Empowering communities to build their own platforms under their own brand and data controllership.

Building platforms is expensive and requires a wide range of competencies: strategy, service design, system architecture planning, programming with multiple languages and compliancy with regulation. Mesensei makes it easy to deploy platforms for communities. We assist our customers with everything they need to be successful. The cost effectiveness of the platform technology we offer makes it possible to execute ambitious pilot projects in range of 20k€ and 3-6months, instead of 0.5-2mil and 1-3 years for preparations, planning and software development.

With Mesensei organisations can bring community services into pockets of their members. For example co-working spaces, science parks and property owners can use Mesensei and Platform of Trust to fuse together their physical and digital spaces seamlessly and build better community services.


Our Services:

Data system
Data analyzes and research
Application development
Integration service
Project management
Platform services
Business partner
Business partner