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In the future, the public sector will have to radically change how it operates to enable the customer focus, digitalisation, and overall coordination needed to organise and provide complex services.

As resources become more limited, service provision and property must be assessed as a whole to decide on the kind and size of premises needed, as well as the investments and maintenance the premises require. Optimizing the service network can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency, thanks to increased functionality and more efficient use of premises.

Locia CapaCity is a dynamic tool for service network planning that integrates information on the location and functionality of service points, people, and buildings. The information is automatically collected in a continuous data flow straight from the operative systems, after which it is integrated with external data sources and registers. The possibilities for more in-depth information on each service point are virtually unlimited with the help of sensor-based condition data, for example. The fact-based, almost real-time situation description of service network performance makes planning operations practically significantly easier. Forecast information is particularly important to urban planners when making long-term strategic plans. Decision-makers can use visualised data and clear indicators when making decisions on the service network.

Dynamic service network planning allows users to create an up-to-date description of the regional over or under capacity of the service network and investment planning, and to revise the intake and occupancy rate of an individual service point, such as a nursery school. Digital life-cycle data will help schedule renovations proactively and avoid unnecessary investments in buildings that are going be taken out of the service network.

The collaboration between Platform of Trust and Locia will make it possible to enrich and exploit service network data using a trust-based ecosystem. The companies in the ecosystem benefit each other while creating value for their customers and partners. Platform of Trust helps the data flow smoothly and in the right proportion to Locia CapaCity, saving time and freeing up resources for using the data in service network planning.

Platform of Trust is a community-based platform that will be launched in June. It harmonises data from a range of sources into a format that can be used by many operators. Data source validation and the use of automated authorisation and agreement tools will ensure data reliability. The development of the platform was begun to address the needs of the construction and property sectors. While the majority of the data on the platform in its initial phase is related to these sectors, in the future, the platform will be available for the needs of any sector.