KNX Finland - Platforms collaborate for smarter buildings

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The platform economy does not just shine in bringing data and users together in one place: it also interconnects them, generating even more value for users. Platform of Trust’s newest partner, KNX Finland, is a platform for smart building automation and control systems.

The collaboration between Platform of Trust and KNX is an excellent example of the opportunities that an open-source platform can offer. The open-source KNX platform measures building usage, consumption and condition data, while Platform of Trust harmonizes the data and forwards it in real-time.

KNX makes it possible to combine more than 470 build automation manufacturers’ products into a comprehensive, easy-to-use system. It can help you to optimize the remote control, energy efficiency, user comfort and customisability of buildings. The smart KNX solutions are based on open-source code. In other words, with Platform of Trust and KNX, users aren’t tied to a single service provider’s systems.

A global regulatory body, KNX Association, monitors the compatibility of KNX products, ensuring the products and applications function and are compatible. In the 30 years of its existence, KNX has established itself as the most important link between the automated functions of electronic building technologies. It functions as a platform between different building technology systems.

Platform of Trust harmonizes data from a range of sources into a widely usable format. Data source validation and the use of automated authorisation and contract tools ensure data you can trust.