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Connects people and spaces

Flextila - digital platform for sharing spaces. With the help of the Flextila reservation service, you can take care of all the reservation needs of the premises, whether it is an office hotel, shared use of condominiums, parking spaces. etc. everything is handled by Flextila booking service. The payment and access control services combined with the Felxtila service digitize the entire booking service process.

Flextila - a digital platform for sharing spaces

Flextila is so-called online store of premises on an open platform. The service is easy to set up and allows anyone to share their space online at flextila.com. For example, a vacant housing co-op's recreation room can be made available for everyone, or alternatively to an enclosed group of people.

An office hotel, coworking space, cottage, laundry room, golf simulator, and much more: All these can be booked with Flextila. Flextila also functions as a local system that manages, for example, sauna and laundry shifts for housing co-op's. Payments are handled conveniently through the Flextila online store, so that notebooks, handing over keys, and invoicing through mail go down in history.

Flextila already works with several smart lock and access control systems. Smart locking adds and ease of use when you don’t have to worry about physical keys. In Flexitila, you will receive a booking-specific pin or access right, which is only valid for the duration of the booking. Flextila handles such important bookings, payments, payment confirmations, and finally monthly payment settlements to the renter.

Open interfaces enable versatile integrations in the Flextila service.

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