Enermix Oy

About the company

Enermix Oy offers the Talotohtori platform and service concept. Talotohtori platform has several features that set it apart from other SCADA solutions and IoT platforms and make it a cost-effective and versatile solution, especially for building technology management and intelligent control of large real estate amounts.

The services developed on top of the Talotohtori platform enable good indoor air conditions as well as real-time remote monitoring and control of building technology with a uniform user interface, regardless of the automation supplier. In addition to these, intelligent algorithms optimize energy use and cut off peak heat peaks. The savings achieved are reported through measurement-based cost reporting.

Benefits of the services:

  • Satisfaction increases
  • Efficiency increases
  • Cost will decrease
  • Cost monitoring improve

Why are we partners?

Partnering with Platform of Trust opens a new interface for transferring data between different services.

Our Services:

Data system
Platform services
Business partner
Business partner