eGate - Smart building innovation

Wast amount of real-time indoor condition data.

eGate Smart Building Innovation Oy is a Finnish company offering IoT and SaaS service that enables wireless, transparent and real-time measuring of building structures and indoor conditions throughout the life span of the building. Gathered data can be used to develop construction quality and indoor conditions.

The cooperation between eGate and Platform of Trust means that the massive amount of building and indoor condition data (over 50 million rows) can be accessed through the platform in a harmonized format. Real estate developers and builders can monitor the project conditions and make decisions based on reliable data. Monitored things can be, for example, the concrete floor coating eligibility, operability of the compression in a compartmentalized space, the amount of dust at a construction site, or if the conditions in a building are up to standards. Condition reports can be easily stored and shared as part of the project documentation. By analysing this data different counterparts can develop processes for planning, executing, monitoring but also usage of the building and its maintenance.

The far-reaching goal in the eGate and Platform of Trust cooperation is to increase the quality of constructions and improve the conditions the building users are submitted to when working or living in the buildings trough the life span of the building.

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