DoX Systems

About the company

DoX is the industry’s most advanced web-based, Lightweight DITA Content Management System for collaborative authoring, publishing and management of technical documentation throughout a product lifecycle.

DoX is designed to support structured documentation process, where re-usable modules increase the speed of production. It improves collaboration throughout a product lifecycle whilst ensuring content is consistently verified and approved. Multiple change and customization requests can be made quickly and efficiently in one location a time saving benefit that can be passed on to customers. DoX covers all installations operations, maintenance and support documentation needs.

Launched in 2006, DoX is owned by Fenten Oy, a privately-owned leader in digital technical documentation since 1991. The company operates in Scandinavia and is the first Content Management System that supports structured documentation.

Why are we partners?

Partnering with Platform of Trust helps our clients enrich their information and use it more extensively and in more diverse ways.

Our Services:

Data system
Integration service