Codemenders Oy

Data to save your time

Codemenders is a startup founded in 2012, which works to make common customer's journey to get customer service easier in Queue Management System market. We do this by providing mobile queuing apps, &, which make virtual, remote queuing, and online appointment making possible. The app is also Customer Service Management app for staff, and gathers valuable anonymous data and automated feedback.

We aim to make queuing a profitable part of customer service process by gathering anonymous data, which can be utilized in improving the quality of Customer Experience and productivity of staff, and to prepare for new requirements. We want to provide simple, sustainable, versatile solution, which does not require any installed hardware to work, and is accessible to various customer groups. Sustainability, efficiency, and equality are important to us. We let customer also utilize their waiting time in whichever they want to, increasing Customer Safety during Customer Journey with adaptations to follow restrictions in service process.

Codemenders hopes to find value in new channel and networks for sales of our product. We hope as well to utilize this to develop innovations and for integrations of our product with new types of data. We offer a possibility to integrate data from customer service process (CRM and Customer Journey data) to the existing data infrastructure.

Our Services:

Data system
Data analyzes and research
Data visualization and reporting
Integration service
AI and machine learning
Platform services
Business partner
Business partner
Technical partner
Technical partner