ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy

Let's Make Countryside Great Again!

Arctic Smart Village Ltd. is a platform for partners who are willing to make the most advanced living areas with us.

Arctic Smart Village Oy serves as a platform for combining best practices in the residential construction market. Smart villages are designed with residents in mind, emphasizing the quality and sustainability of housing.

Through the Platform Of Trust cooperation, we improve the partners' cost-effective participation in Älykylä projects, as well as savings, ease of use and transparency of information for future residents.

Our company provides resident procurement services to municipalities by designing and marketing Älykylä. Smart villages are cooperative-based residential areas that have taken into account the economic, ecological and social sustainability of housing in order for residents to have a good life. Smart villages are:

  • self-sufficient in energy
  • cost-effective
  • high quality
  • communal
  • resource-wise, and
  • close to people

Our solution lowers the threshold for new construction and is an excellent option for those with a high threshold for owner-occupied housing.

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