AskKauko - Visual and interactive Impact Record

Increasing understanding of how to make the world more sustainable

Sustainable impact is something a lot of companies measure and also look into ways how to best share this information. AskKauko is Helsinki based software startup that takes impact communications a step further.

AskKauko helps organizations that promote sustainable development - companies, research institutes, NGOs and the public sector - to enrich and amplify communications about the purpose and the social, environmental and economic impacts of their activities. AskKauko's visual and interactive, data-rich impact communications increase the discoverability and use value of existing responsibility content, and inspire users to share impressive content on social media channels. AskKauko's solutions are used as sales support and presentation material in stakeholder events, in developing a responsible brand image and in internal communication to engage the employees of our customer organizations.

Platform of Trust is AskKauko's data partner, and through the cooperation, the data harmonized by Platform of Trust can be utilized effortlessly to support the external and internal communications of our common customers.

Our Services:

Data visualization and reporting
Business partner
Business partner