Toni Luhti appointed as the CEO of Platform of Trust

Contact pic - Toni Luhti

M.Sc. (Econ.) Toni Luhti (b. 1982) has been appointed as the CEO of Platform of Trust. Luhti started in the position officially on 1 July 2019.

Luhti has previously held a leading position in several international business technology companies, including Elisa Corporation and ALSO Group. Luhti has extensive experience in the platform business and in turning technological solutions into profit-generating and successful business operations.

One of the current global mega trends is to manage and develop business operations, innovations, and services increasingly based on information and data. Unfortunately, many companies lose their competitiveness and in-depth understanding because they fail to utilise existing data and do not collect new data comprehensively. This offers a very significant opportunity for generating value and success, and we want to be part of enabling it.


Toni Luhti, CEO, Platform of Trust

Platform of Trust has excellent growth prospects, as it enables the transfer and compatibility of data of e.g. the various functions and business sectors of cities. By strengthening expertise in platforms and business, the company aims to achieve strong growth and internationalisation.

We are very excited to gain a leader who has previous experience of platform business operations. We believe that Toni is the right person to lead Platform of Trust towards international success.


Lars Albäck, CEO, Vastuu Group

Platform of Trust is a data linking platform that harmonises data coming from different sources into a form that enables shared use and the creation of data-based ecosystems. In November 2018, it received EUR 10 million in funding, of which half was internationalisation funding granted by Business Finland and the second half was granted by the owners of Suomen Tilaajavastuu and organisations in the real estate and construction sector.

The development of the platform originated from the needs of the real estate and construction sector, although the platform can be utilised in any sector. Platform of Trust Oy is affiliated company of Tilaajavastuu Oy. Starting on 1 July 2019, Platform of Trust Oy will be responsible for the Platform of Trust and SignSpace business areas.

Further information

Toni Luhti
Chief Executive Officer, Platform of Trust Oy
+358 50 506 6327

Lars Albäck
Chief Executive Officer, Vastuu Group
+358 40 503 3672