Platform of Trust provides a platform for digital service network for the cities of Helsinki, Turku and Kuopio


The cities of Helsinki, Kuopio, and Turku have started a project to develop digital and human-centric service network. The project is called DigiPAVe and it's funded by the Ministry of Finances. Leading the project together with the cities, are Vastuu Group and its subsidiary Platform of Trust, which in turn executes the project with location data management specialist, Ubigu, and digital transformation specialist, Gofore.

Digital service network in cities tells us how and where public services are produced in municipalities, now and in the future. Through service network digitalization, both the development of services and the production of services becomes more efficient. This leads to significant financial savings. As an example, with the digital service network and compatible data available, service designers can concentrate on the actual development of the services and improving customer satisfaction instead of using their time trying to figure out how to handle data and how to reach it from the different sectors of city organizations.

The implementation of new digital services will be faster. In addition, the actions can be measured and the data can be compared to other municipalities' data which opens up the possibility to learn from other municipalities and cities. In this project, the focus is on early childhood education and basic education services.

Service network planning needs to be a digital process that relies on reliable, compatible, and real-time data. And this data needs to be accessable easily and centralized regardless of the provider.


Project Lead Jussi Niilahti, Platform of Trust

Digital service networks include data from variety of sources and the compatibility of this data is vital to the functionality of the network. Platform of Trust provides the cities of Helsinki, Kuopio and Turku a platform that harmonizes all the data into a compatible form.

Huge amounts of harmonized and nearly real-time data offers a new view and understanding to the functions of service networks. For the first time we can dig deeper in to the vast amount of data and make city level decisions that stand the test of time better than ever before.


CEO Toni Luhti, Platform of Trust

The digitalization of the service network makes both the user-driven service design and citizen participation and feedback easier and faster.

The planning of the service networks needs to be done together with the users. The information gathered from the citizens and the evaluation of impact helps the service designers and decision makers develop a human centric service network that meets the real needs of the citizens.


CEO Lars Alb├Ąck, Vastuu Group Ltd.

DigiPAVe project takes forward another project by the City of Kuopio and FCG that ended in 2018 and that enhanced the dynamic planning of digital service networks. The new DigiPAVe project ends in November 2021 and is funded by the Ministry of Finances with the overall project budget of 2,6 Million Euros.

Platform of Trust is a Finnish data platform provider that harmonizes data coming from different sources and enables better usage of data. It significantly decreases the need of integrations. Platform of Trust is a subsidiary to Vastuu Group Ltd.

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Project Lead
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Platform of Trust / Vastuu Group