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When you start to utilize data, you should consider what can be done better with it. Unlike you might think, it doesn’t require a complete data strategy or the whole IT department to be part of it. You can easily start with the Starting Engine workshop.

Do you find data stuff difficult?

When companies think of something related to data, terms like IT project, data strategy and integration may come to mind. They might sound like something really hard to do and expensive as well. We want to change this!

You don’t necessarily need a data strategy or you don’t have to involve the IT department right away. The key is to understand what things can be done better with data in your organization.

For this purpose, we have developed a Starting Engine workshop. In the workshop, the “ordinary people” get to determine what essential things in the company can be done better with the data and what value can be created from it.

As a basis, we have compiled industry-specific data utilization models from which to start. Often, data is used to optimize something better. For example, improving energy efficiency, managing the carbon footprint, providing services with needs in mind, or improving customer experiences. And when a new value is created, it also offers business opportunities.

When a business has an idea of what can be done with data, it’s easy to involve IT and partners. Even though we are in the data world, we should not consider things from the technology perspective first.

Starting Engine

is a  structured way to put your ideas on how to use your data into action.

It is a very concrete and clear workshop, where we will help you to solve the next steps in:

  1. Getting rid of integration costs
  2. Getting value out of your data
  3. Inventing new data-driven business models

When you book the Starting Engine Plus package by the end of 2020, you get it for free! The package includes two pre-interviews, a workshop and documentation.

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