Happy International Women's Day!


We are part of shattering glass ceilings and conquering the world, especially in the tech field.

We are seeing a rise in women embracing technology fields. So, "rocket-science" eventually ceases to exist.


Nazia Hasan, Project Manager, Developer Experience

Like any other field of domain knowledge and application, establishing oneself as an expert developer, tester, system architect or even business entrepreneur is a challenge for women. Scrutinizing eyes still question women’s capabilities and stereotypical mindset still expects women to take fewer challenges and be the ones to call into defeat. But women are known for their strength and dedication besides their nurturing nature. The hardship is real, but women overcome the barriers eventually. Hence, we are seeing a rise in women embracing technology fields even in the developing part of the world with experimental programmings, academic-contests, and defining solutions to address social and economical challenges. So “rocket-science” eventually ceases to exist.

It is ok to admit weakness. It is ok to fail hard. It is ok to feel the lowest about yourself and question your capabilities. It's ok to restart from square one. Because of all these lead towards the ascending of a Phoenix from the ashes.


Nazia is Platform of Trust's Project Manager in charge of developer experience.

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