Collaboration can help effectively utilize fragmented data in the property sector

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The services available to residents will change everyday living. The new services will primarily be based on data collected about buildings and their use.

Until now, the data have been fragmented and mutually incompatible, which has slowed down development. An experiment carried out on Platform of Trust proved that collaboration between operators in the construction and property sectors can help data flow more efficiently between them, enhancing their opportunities for using them.

In autumn 2018, the Finnish companies Platform of Trust, Kojamo Oy, Visma Tampuuri and Lassila & Tikanoja conducted an experiment aimed at enabling the bidirectional flow of several operators’ system data. Platform of Trust was used as a common platform, thus eliminating the need for interfaces between individual operators.

The platform was built with data harmonisation and unification in mind. The experiment was based on a construction-phase information model of a building at Karavaanikuja 2, Helsinki, that contained building and system data.

A digital copy of the Kojamo building at Karavaanikuja 2, a demo application intended for residents, and interfaces with the Visma Tampuuri maintenance record system and Lassila & Tikanoja ERP system were created on the platform.

The experiment showed that it was possible to achieve real-time updates of previously fragmented data between the operators and applications during a failure report process, for example.

It only took a couple of months to create a whole new digital service experience that connected the digital building copy, residents, the maintenance company and the owner. Platform of Trust demonstrated that existing system data can be used more efficiently without modifying the systems themselves. A one-off technical integration between the platform and a data source makes it possible to create a functional client application in weeks, says


CEO Pirkka Frosti, Digital Living

The experiment generated a significant amount of new information on the use of data models and the practical use of data created in business operations.

Platform of Trust aims to make service providers more efficient and speed up communication with residents or other end-users. Failure reports are a practical example of improved efficiency. Ideally, the location, make, age, condition and repair history of a faulty object is visible in all relevant operators’ systems. This eliminates the need to visit the site to check that repairs are needed, which make of the object needs to be repaired and which spare parts are needed. Instead of visiting a site 3 to 5 times, a repair technician can be sent to the location with all the necessary tools and parts at the right time. Information flows smoothly between all relevant companies, systems, and the resident. The experiment confirmed that in collaboration, it was possible to make this information flow in real time between parties.

In the property sector, data is often invisible and incompatible, slowing down the increased productivity made possible by digitalisation. By working together, we can solve this problem. The pilot was not limited to a few operators: instead, it demonstrated just how much the entire sector can up its game. The capabilities created on Platform of Trust and in the parties’ proprietary systems during the pilot period benefit everyone.


Teemu Suila, Development Officer, Kojamo Oyj

Platform of Trust is a community-based platform that will be launched in summer 2019. It provides an alternative to slow and expensive integration projects by using automation and data harmonisation to enable data flows between organisations and systems. The platform aims to promote collaboration and to create new business opportunities for all parties.

Platform of Trust helped Kojamo harmonise its fragmented data models, making the data flow and, most importantly, to use the data to create meaningful services for its customers. The platform proved it could bring systems, data, developers and users together and turn data into a component for creating new and innovative services quickly and efficiently. The pilot project allows other companies that join the project to speed up their processes and reduce costs, says Pirkka Frosti from Digital Living.


Pirkka Frosti

The development of Platform of Trust began in 2018 as a collaborative project between operators in the property and construction sectors. The goal was to promote the harmonisation of the data these sectors use and to open up new business models. In the future, the platform will be available for operators in any sector. Platform of Trust Oy, a part of the Suomen Tilaajavastuu group, was incorporated in February 2019. Business Finland has granted Platform of Trust 5 million of funding for international expansion.

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