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Our offices

Crazy town Tampere
Rautatienkatu 21 B
33100 Tampere
Vastuu Group
Tarvonsalmenkatu 17 B
00260 Espoo

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The need behind Platform of Trust was to build a platform that would enable data sharing and combining in real-estate and construction industry, and help the digitalization of the industry. Flowing data enables, for example, optimization of material flows, energy usage and maintenance, it helps create better indoor conditions and makes it possible to control the entire life span of a building.

Platform of Trust Oy

  • Platform of Trust Oy
  • Founded July 1st, 2019
  • Subsidiary to Vastuu Group
  • Funded by public and private investors
    (10M€, Nov 2018)
  • Offices in Tampere and Espoo, Finland


Niko Peltoranta

Sales Representative

The rest

Antti Harjunpää

Antti Harjunpää

Jarkko Moilanen contact pic

Jarkko Moilanen

Chief Data Officer
Data as a Service, API Economy
Vesa Ilmarinen_vaaka_web.jpg

Vesa Ilmarinen

Chief Impact Officer
Business digitalization
Roope Pajasmaa

Roope Pajasmaa

Partner Director
Ecosystems, co-operation
Kati Kriikku contact pic

Kati Kriikku

Content and Community Manager
Content strategy, Communication
Nazia Hasan contact pic

Nazia Hasan

Head of Design
Developer Experience, API Design
Esra Aliu_web.jpg

Esra Aliu

Data Analyst
Analytics, dashboards
Panu Pitkänen_web.jpg

Panu Pitkänen

Ontology Lead
Harmonized data models
Jaro Lexmond_web.jpg

Jaro "Lexa" Lexmond

Product Owner, APIs
Jussi niilahti

Jussi Niilahti

Service Director
Data as a Service
Riku Rikhard contact pic

Rikhard Tiula

Chief Product Officer, SignSpace
Digital signature
Tekla Wannas contact pic

Tekla Wannas - On parental leave

Partner Director
Ecosystems, Co-operation

Billing information

Platform of trust oy
Operator: Nordea (NDEAFIHH)
Address: FI3618003081609699
OVT: 003729800052