Use case: Optimization of the usage rate of hospital equipment using up-to-date information

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Target group: facility management company, executive teams

Keywords: health care, optimization of usage rates

The objective is to increase the usage rate of individual devices at hospitals. Hypothetically, the exact location of a certain device might not always be known at a hospital when the device is needed in patient care. These devices can be connected to the web, where their data can be transferred into the selected system to see up-to-date information on their locations and whether they are currently being used or not.

The benefit of this use case is an improved usage rate of this valuable and important equipment and a cost-effective operation, as staff members will no longer need to spend time finding out the devices’ current locations.

Platform of Trust enables harmonizing and authorizing data. It makes the data flow, which lowers costs and speeds up integrations significantly. A use case is an example of what is possible to do with the platform.

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