Use case: Digital twin enables business intelligence

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Target group: property developer, investor, buyer

Keywords: digital twin, electronic maintenance log, TCO calculation

A digital twin is a digital model of a building under construction that is created whilst it’s being built. It can be developed into a separate product to be delivered in connection with the traditional handover of the building.

A significant amount of different kinds of information, or data, is accumulated during construction, which in turn makes it possible to create a digital twin of the building. Since the construction of a building involves a variety of different operators, the digital data also has to be collected from various systems. This information is converted and categorized into a compatible format, which results in a compatible digital twin of the building. The benefits of a digital twin include:

  • Transparency in increasing or conserving the value of properties;
  • Optimization of the digital delivery chain;
  • Reduction of time needed in planning and easier workload as critical data and compatibility can already be addressed in the planning phase;
  • Clearer information and requirements regarding the critical specifications of materials and prefabricated products;
  • It enables the use of an electronic maintenance log that contains information on warranties, maintenance plans, and so on;
  • Up-to-date information on materials and products used in the construction phase;
  • It enables compatible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations for buildings.

Using a digital twin, all phases of the life cycle of a building can be utilized to the fullest with all the necessary data stored in one place in a compatible format. The database is updated in each phase from the planning to the recycling of the building, and it can be used actively in the case of feedback on conditions, for example. A digital twin makes profitable long-term operation possible. Offering a digital twin as a service also opens up new business opportunities after the delivery of a building, enabling a continuous cashflow.

Platform of Trust enables harmonizing and authorizing data. It makes the data flow, which lowers costs and speeds up integrations significantly. A use case is an example of what is possible to do with the platform.

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