Use case: Business intelligence saves money for property owners

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Target group: property owners, financing companies that own properties

Keywords: digital twin, electronic maintenance log, TCO calculation

People spend a lot of time in office buildings, schools and other public buildings. Therefore, the indoor conditions in these buildings cannot be compromised. The objective is to create better indoor conditions for buildings – conditions that support working in office spaces, enable an effective use of space and reduce the buildings’ environmental impact.

This use case is about optimizing indoor conditions in both existing and brand new buildings. In the case of a new building in particular, it is possible to create a digital twin of the building that includes models of all the systems in the building. It is also possible to create a digital twin of an existing building.

In existing buildings, users can see the project to improve the indoor conditions due to the fact that QR codes are attached to the premises for users to give feedback on the quality of the indoor conditions. Indoor conditions that can be measured and reported include temperature and air quality. Users can give feedback using emojis or they can submit a service request if something is wrong.

Property maintenance professionals get an overview of the building, its condition and the related feedback quickly, and they can immediately see the reason for feedback or service requests from the users. Digital modelling makes it possible to monitor the indoor conditions in a building using color coding, which makes it easy to check the ideal room temperature at a glance. The data brings significant benefits as user feedback can be anticipated and it is possible to react to any feedback quickly.

To enable this, data from different sources must be categorized using uniform labelling. After converting the data into a compatible format, it will be transferred to the customer’s own system.

This use case results in significant cost savings and better user satisfaction in the building. Imputed cost savings in this use case amount to millions of euros. Improved indoor conditions lead to a more rewarding and efficient working atmosphere in the building.

Platform of Trust enables harmonizing and authorizing data. It makes the data flow, which lowers costs and speeds up integrations significantly. A use case is an example of what is possible to do with the platform.

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