Use case: Artificial intelligence as part of digitized facility management in hospitals

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Target group: facility management

Keywords: artificial intelligence, health care

The objective is to facilitate the work of maintenance staff in large hospital buildings. A service request logged in the electronic system is handled using the electronic model, or digital twin, of the building. It points out the location of the fault, and a map-like application that uses artificial intelligence guides the maintenance staff to the location. The app contains the floor plans and other building data stored in a single system in a compatible format.

The maintenance staff know exactly where the reported fault is located, which eliminates the need to search for it or guess the relevant device models, allowing them to get directly to the job. This makes cost-effective maintenance possible.

Platform of Trust enables harmonizing and authorizing data. It makes the data flow, which lowers costs and speeds up integrations significantly. A use case is an example of what is possible to do with the platform.

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