Use case: A uniform reporting and monitoring model prevents water damage in the construction phase

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Target group: property developer, investors

Keywords: cost savings, water damage, dry chain, quality control

Some of the water damage in buildings is already caused in the construction phase. To prevent this water damage, a mapping program has been drafted to cover the ten most significant risk factors.

As it is, construction sites have different quality control processes in place, all of which aim to guarantee what is known as the dry chain. Each quality controller produces data in their own operating system. At the moment, each operator reports on the realization of the dry chain in their work independently.

The objective is to combine this information from the systems of different operators and convert it into a compatible format to be transferred into a common system that ensures the dry chain. This results in a unified reporting and monitoring model that makes it possible to achieve significant savings, thanks to the successful drying phases during construction.

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